About YHT

Your Hope Today exists because we believe that real and reasonable hope is the foundation of all positive change. Hope is the bedrock of faith, the backbone of accomplishment, the architect of success. Lets discover the path to a life more abundant through the power of Hope!

Your Hope Today is a program unlike any that you have ever encountered before. We strive to use the power and format of radio to bring real change to our listeners and we’re backing up that mission. The weekly radio broadcasts are only the beginning! Your Hope Today is heard every week on radio stations around the country and internationally broadcast around the globe via the Internet.

It is my vision for Your Hope Today that we will change lives through instructing our audience in how real Hope works together with Faith and Love to bring lasting and positive change in every life. We aren’t talking about the Law of Attraction or even positive affirmations or positive thinking. We are talking about a greater law, the Law of Hope.

Circumstances are like the law of gravity and Hope is like the law of lift. The law of lift can always overcome the law of gravity provided that certain conditions are met and sustained. Circumstances always seem to be pulling us down. Rising above them and maintaining that lift (Hope) requires a constant renewal of energy which comes from the dynamo of God's Word (the Bible) applied to daily life. Our lives are no different. We can give in to gravity or we can fly.

Your Hope Today - bringing a positive message of real, Biblical, reasonable Hope to all of our listeners through the power of Radio, the Internet and live seminars.


Feel free to visit our Facebook page and Twitter feed. Facebook is where we update on things like contests and giveaways and anything else that’s news for the moment. I tweet several times each week with inspirational thoughts to help lift up your day and give you a moment to reflect on God’s greatness. Check us out and be sure to like us on Facebook so you can get all the latest updates.

Lets Get Together

Would you like to schedule Joshua to minister at your church? You can hear Joshua’s inspiring message of Hope, his powerful singing and his deeper insights into what scriptural Hope really is. Drop us a note and check on Joshua’s availability to appear at your location. Joshua is a powerful and motivating keynote for any event and his message reaches across Christian denominations into people’s hearts.