Meet the Host

What is the Power of Hope?

I believe in the power of Hope to change the world one life at a time. I’ve discovered that troubles grow in the dark places of our lives, where there is little or no hope to be found. It is my mission and my privilege to offer hope to the hurting. Everyone struggles with something, I do too. Any person you meet at any place in your life is fighting their own battles. The need for Hope is universal.

I want to offer hope to every person in every situation of their lives. I don’t want to offer pie-in-the sky platitudes and tell people, “it’s bound to work out” or “nobody died” or “it could always be worse.” I can’t stand that kind of so-called comfort. I think it’s counter productive and can even be harmful in some cases. Sometimes somebody did die. Sometimes it can’t actually get any worse and sometimes it won’t work out for the best without some changes.

The Reason:

I want to offer people “rational and reasonable hope.” I believe that a rational and reasonable Hope for the future creates positive power in the present. That is the premise of the program, the goal of the outreach. I believe that God has set out in His Word the process of attaining, growing and maintaining real hope and that these simple steps can be used by anyone in any situation to improve their outcomes and build a foundation of Faith, Hope and Love in their lives.

I believe that God can change our tragedies into trophies, that He can turn our worst struggles into our biggest victories and He can do it for you and for me though the power of Hope. I hope that you’ll tune in every week for Your Hope Today. And if you are in the area please join us for the monthly live seminars that will be scheduled shortly.

If you would like to have me come and speak to your group please contact me and lets get the discussion started.

I firmly believe that the world will change one-life-at-a-time through the power of this ministry outreach. Won’t you join me every week via the radio or the web for an uplifting, challenging, inspiring and scripturally  grounded message of Hope?