Be Back Soon!

  • Posted on: 4 June 2015
  • By: yourhope

Your Hope Today's website was recently hacked and defaced. Unfortunately the damage to the underlying database was bad enough that it was not possible to recover the site. Please be patient while we rebuild. In the meantime feel free to listen to the radio stream online at any time:

Your Hope Today wishes to bless those who have attacked and defaced the site. Many times defacers feel that they are doing the site owner a "favor" by letting them know that their site has N vulnerability or that they "deserve" the defacement because the owner did not take proper steps to secure the site. Lastly, defacers often feel that they "don't hurt anyone" by their actions because the sites can be restored. None of these are true statements, at least in this case.

It is our position that we should follow the commandment of Luke Chapter 6 and we choose to do so now. As we work to rebuild the site please join us in prayer for those that took part in this task asking that the LORD would pour out blessing upon each of their lives beyond what they can ask or imagine.

Thank you,